Monday, April 6, 2020

In New York, a widow sued two Buffalo-area hospitals for declaring her husband dead twice. 

The first incident was when the widow’s husband was in the emergency room.  The man was still alive when an emergency room doctor declared him dead in 2014. The man, age 46, was at the grocery store in October 2014 when he had a possible heart attack. He was transported to DeGraff Memorial Hospital where the emergency room doctor pronounced him dead minutes after he arrived.  The man’s wife was told of his death when she got to the medical facility.  The widow stated that if the medical staff had listened to her that her husband was responding, the man might be alive today.

The widow reported her husband showed signs of life by turning his eyes to her.  The widow said the doctor never checked her husband’s vital signs until more than two hours after he had been declared dead.  The widow recalled the doctor saying:  "He actually stepped forward and put a stethoscope to his neck and said, my god, he's got a pulse."

The husband was transferred to another hospital the next morning.  After arriving at Buffalo General Medical Center, the man was pronounced dead a second time. The widow’s attorney stated the man suffered from a collapsed lung.  The injury might have been from a bystander's CPR efforts.  A stent was placed in the man’s blocked artery at Buffalo General, but he did not survive because too much time passed without medical care

The widow’s attorney stated to the press:  "He went into respiratory failure because that collapsed lung was left unassisted for such a long period of time." The second time the man was pronounced dead, he was really dead.

The widow is not suing for medical malpractice to get her husband back but to tell the emergency room doctor:  "I want him to not do it again to anybody else. I want him to learn something by it, and I want him to look at me in the eyes and tell me that he will."

Kaleida Health owns both hospitals.

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