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LAB (Life After B.Tech) is a Social Entreprenership unit of CVCORP intent to increase the Employability skills among the Graduates. We are here to inspire and empower B.Tech graduates in identifying various career opportunities available and develop them.
LAB will be a Wikipedia for career needs, a 'careerpedia' if you like. Our sources are authentic and from well-experienced industry experts in their respective fields.


Life After BTech

Higher Education

LAB ( Life After B.Tech ) has gathered all the required information for a student to pursue higher education after graduation.
We developed a free profile evaluator for a student for his higher education needs. As of now this tool caters to only those who are planning for MS in USA and in future we are planning to expand for all the countries.


LAB has gathered all the jobs / career options a student can AIM after B.Tech. In General Students are focusing more on IT and neglecting Core Jobs for different reasons. We are planning to promote both Core and IT Jobs.
Along with these jobs we are promoting Passion as a Career in Other Jobs ( Jobs any Graduate can apply irrespective of Branch )


Now a days, Entrepreneurship is a BUZZ word among Student community. Irrespective of success or failure a student will learn a lot being part of any startup.
LAB is promoting Student Startup ideas with Co-working space, Resources and all the required guidance.


LAB has created a space “Opportunities” where a student can post / share / apply to all the available Events among with student community and all the real time internships and Job opportunities for the students.

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Life After BTech

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